Adult Ministries

Adult Small Groups

Every week individuals join together to study God's Word and share what they have learned and how it is making a difference in their lives. 


Couple's Ministry

Building upon His method of love and respect, Couple's Ministry helps married and engaged couples better understand God's desire by seeking His will and purpose for their lives and relationships. 


Men's Ministry

Enables men to become stimuli for spiritual and positive change in their homes, churches, and communities by leading them to a better understanding of their role and purpose according to God's plan.


Senior's Ministry

A lively ministry that emphasizes spiritual and physical health through support and fellowship. Together, Senior's will be strengthened and form new relationships while continuing to grow in Christ.


Single Adult Ministries

Building friendships, growing in faith, and maturing spiritually through church support, social engagements, and by nurturing a relationship with God. 


Women's Ministry

Active in helping women become catalysts for change in their homes and communities by reaffirming the value God has placed upon them and through healing, spiritual and social growth, and support.