Due to the current Coronavirus we will close our doors for Sabbath services until at least May.  This  includes The Way on Friday nights, our breakfast program, potlucks, all public activities. 


Current Announcements

May 22, 2020
Good evening and Happy Sabbath!
Pastor Melody has our sermon tomorrow at 11:00!
"Five Things to Remember"
This can NOW be seen in two different methods; In addition to Facebook we can now watch on YouTube.com. YouTube is only available right after the 11:00 sermon when it is scheduled to be released at 11 am. The YouTube feed is at
This is also true for the Wednesday night 7 pm mid week service.
Our financial needs still go on even if we are not physically sitting in the pews and meeting in our small groups. Please look at the different ways you can still contribute.

1. Adventist Giving Online- AdventistGiving.org
2. Call Pastor Angel if you must turn bring them in person (write back to this email if you need that phone number)
3. Please mail envelopes to: 1950 S. Rainbow Blvd #103-52, Las Vegas, NV 89146

Don't stress if you do not have an official church tithe envelope. Just jot down on a piece of paper how you want the amount on the check to be broken down. For example : Tithe $125, General fund $35, etc. DO NOT SEND CASH! Money orders and checks only.4. You can also take advantage of online banking at your local bank and they will send us the check.
Our pastors are looking for people to help out with the recorded services. Please contact them, or respond to this email if you would like to take part. He is looking for those who would be willing to participate.
Ellen White wrote,"The people of God will draw together and present to the enemy a united front." There is no time like the present to do so.
Please! The church is struggling to pay its obligations. For example the mortgage and school subsidy, not to mention other ongoing expenses that are due even if we're not in the building. After you pay your tithe first, please give as liberally as possible.
Pastor Angel is in constant dialogue with the Nevada-Utah Conference and their Medical Advisory Team. When he has the dates and knows the proper protocol for reopening he will be sharing with all of us.
Sabbath Blessings


Here is a short clip explaining how we can return our tithes and offering during this time to your local church at Mountain View SDA.

I hope this video can help you in your faithfulness to keep supporting your local church in the mission to spread the good news in the city of Las Vegas.

Thank you for your faithfulness


April 3, 2020

Members & Friends
If you were wondering how to use Adventist Giving online, here is a tutorial video that will help you to make your contribution & donation easy in anytime. If you are using Iphone, Android or tablet, please go to your app store, search for the Adventist Giving app and download it. Once you do it, please open the app and follow the same steps that this video showed you.

We appreciate your faithfulness to the Lord and may God Bless you abundantly.





March 27, 2020

Tomorrow at 11 am we will receive a live sermon from Pastor Angel.  Tune in to

https://www.facebook.com/Come2MountainView/  and look for the live feed. 


Please ask your fellow members and friends if they receive this email on Friday night?  We need to be sure everyone who has email access is receiving it.  I just found out today that someone who has been a member for years and has email did not know we did this every Friday night.  


This is also posted on our website https://mountainviewnv.adventistchurch.org/


Sabbath Blessings,


Your Pastoral Staff


March 24, 2020

To all our MV church Family and friends.
Good news!

Starting tomorrow, and continually every Wednesday at 7:00 pm, we will broadcast a mid-week Facebook live segment. It is our intentions to bring you spiritual reflections and information about what is happening in our MV church community.

The mid-week message will also be posted on our website on a regular basis as well. All of this will allow us to connect more as a church family without waiting for the next message on Sabbath and it will bless us in many ways, all our FB friends.

We believe that in such time like this we need to be more proactive for the sake of unity and bring hope to all.

Please join us every Wednesday at 7:00 pm through FB live and help us to spread the word.



Thank you once again for your support.

MVC Pastoral staff


March 23, 2020

Members and friends of the church are asking how can I still pay my tithe and support the ministries of the church.


Once you arrive at the page, simply look for Mountain View Church, the address on Oakey will appear. Do not confuse with other Mountain View churches, just the one on Oakey!

It is simple after that.  Thank you for your continued giving during difficult times like this. 



Friday Night, March 20, 2020


Shabbat shalom!

It is here. Sabbath is the place to focus in the goodness of our Lord God.

For those who will be at home with family we want to invite you to connect with us through our MVC Facebook account https://www.facebook.com/Come2MountainView/ at 11:00 am for a live service.

We want to take the opportunity to share some resources available online for you to use with your kids in order for them to be fed with the word of God and learn.

Here are some:




We don’t want you to miss any opportunity to minister to your children.

Also, our sister Dr. Mary Green shared a resource for kids which might help parents as they struggle to keep their students engaged in learning. A free website Khan Academy. The website is khanacademy.com You can also access through CBS news website for 3/19/2020 morning.

Please take advantage of all of them.

Another idea that we would like to share is; create your own sabbath school online or through FaceTime, zoom on your phone before 11:00 am so you don’t miss our service LOL. I know some of the members want to get together in a setting of a small group, we just want to say, use your discretion and take precautions always.

To all of you
Shabbat Shalom and keep yourself safe.

Pastor Angel




May The Lord bless you today!

Today I want to share some good news for all our members of MVC and friends.

We just opened a prayer line for all of you. Everyday at 9:00 am you will be able to connect and pray with other members at 9:00 am.
The account information is the following:
Dial in number...................Toll: (425) 436-6387
Access code....................... 359015
Host Pin............................  1517
Online Meeting ID............jummyabiodun

You will need to call the number and it will ask for access code, that's it.

Also, I've been receiving calls from members who are in need of food and some supplies. Our church will be providing a few of these items by the grace of God. Just contact our Mountain View ON CALL phone number; 702-748-0167 and we will help you ASAP.

Please, keep in touch with us through our FB account and our website at: www.come2mountainview.com for more information and updates. We appreciate your prayers and we are praying for you daily.

God Bless you
and give you peace


We welcome you to our church website.  It is our prayer that your journey with Jesus will be blessed by having been here today. Our goal is for this Web site to be a blessing to you and inform you of who we are and the programs and ministries that are going on.  We are sure you will find something here that will strengthen your faith and encourage you in your daily walk. The website is constantly being updated and enhanced so keep checking back to see what is new! Also, I encourage you to check us out and "like" & "follow us" on Facebook.




We have a variety of worship experiences to chose from so we invite you to explore which one fits you.  Whichever one you attend we pray you are blessed and brought closer to the Lord.  Worship Lineup

We have two Adult Sabbath School times (9:10am and 10:20am) with a wide range of topics offered.  All the children's and youth Sabbath Schools occur during the 10:20am start.

Each week we offer a fellowship breakfast from 8:50am to 9:40am for all to enjoy and a special visitor lunch is offered after 'The Main" worship service.  So if you are visiting from out of town we have your meals covered.  Come be our guest!

To watch the most recent worship service, catch a live stream of our worship service, or view our sermon archive, click on the
SERMONS tab or visit our Mountain View Church Channel or online at www.MVCSermons.com.

For more information, please call the church office at (702) 438-8000 or email info@come2mountainview.com.

​We also invite you to check out our new media ministry entitled "Light My Path 313"

​May God richly bless you!