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Bible Marking

The Bible Marking Class results in a deeper understanding of Bible texts and a greater capacity to teach others. Everyone is welcome to attend.
You may obtain the Bible Marking handouts (PDF) from the following list.  This list contain previous topics studied. 

1. "The Bible" 13. "Sabbath" 25. "Spiritual Babylon"
2. "God" 14. "First Day Texts" 26. "Gift of Prophecy"
3. "Origin of Evil" 15. "Change in God's Law" 27. "Test of a Prophet"
4. "Prophecies of the Messiah" 16. "Sabbath Keeping" 28. "Baptism"
5. "Divinity of Christ" 17. "Faith" 29. "Tithe (Christian Stewardhship)"
6. "Salvation" 18. "Health" 30. "Christian Standards"
7. "Confession and Forgiveness" 19. "State of the Dead" 31. "Holy Spirit"
8. "Europe's Future" 20. "Millennium" 32. "Longest Prophecy 2300"
9. "2nd Coming (Manner)" 21. "Heaven" 33. "Time of the Beast"
10. "2nd Coming (Signs)" 22. "Destruction of the Wicked" 34. "Identify a Cult"
11. "Judgement" 23. "Mark of the Beast" 35. "Why so Many Denominations"
12. "Law of God" 24. "The True Church" 36. "U.S. in Prophecy"


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