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SERIES: This sub-series is a 11 part collection of talks by Dr. BJ Boles that are part of the overall “Light My Path 313” series.  This sub-series is entitled “Forefathers of Faith” and is from the Old Testament of the Bible.  The patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph are presented and content comes from the book of Genesis.

TALKS: Each completed talk is available to view by clicking the links provided below or you may also visit our YouTube Channel at

COMPANION BOOK: The companion book for the “Genesis” series is “Patriarchs and Prophets” by Ellen G. White.  The book is available online free at:


“The Big Deal”  (#1 of 11)

Topic: Faith, Covenant, Blessings and Curses

Summary: This talk is about a promise that God makes with a man named Abraham. God calls Abraham to leave his home and to journey to a strange land. 

Study Guide: #011

Companion Reading: Patriarchs and Prophets (Chapter 11) “The Call of Abraham”


“Well Ordered House”  (#2 of 11)

Topic:  Golden Rule, Good Choices, Godly Households

Summary: This talk is about Abraham and Lot and their parting of ways. Abraham saves Lot. Also discussed is the manner in which Abraham ran his house. 

Study Guide: #012

Companion Reading: Patriarchs and Prophets (Chapter 12) “Abraham in Canaan”


“Say What?”  (#3 of 11)

Topic: Tests of Faith

Summary: This talk is about when God asked Abraham to sacrifice his only son Isaac. Why would God do such a thing? What did it foretell?

Study Guide: #013

Companion Reading: Patriarchs and Prophets (Chapter 13) “The Test of Faith”


“Pleading for the Lost”  (#4 of 11)

Topic: Immoral World, Consequences,  Judgment, God's Mercy

Summary: This talk is about destruction of Sodom. What is God's strange act? Is there a day of accountability coming? 

Study Guide: #014

Companion Reading: Patriarchs and Prophets (Chapter 14) “Destruction of Sodom”


“Match Maker”  (#5 of 11)

Topic: Finding the Perfect Mate, Trusting God

Summary: This talk is about Abraham sending his servant to find a wife for his son Isaac. Guidelines for finding the perfect mate are given.

Study Guide: #015

Companion Reading: Patriarchs and Prophets (Chapter 15) “The Marriage of Isaac”


“Scheming Son”  (#6 of 11)

Topic: God's Timing, Deception, God's Promises

Summary: This talk is about Jacob and Esau fighting over the birthright and blessing of their father Isaac. 

Study Guide: #016

Companion Reading: Patriarchs and Prophets (Chapter 16) “Jacob and Esau”

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