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NT: GATHERING DISCIPLES: This sub-series is a 11 part collection of talks by Dr. BJ Boles that are part of the overall “Light My Path 313” series.  This sub-series is entitled “Gathering Disciples” and is from the New Testament of the Bible.  The stories covered are from the early part of Jesus ministry when he was calling and uniting his 12 disciples.  The stories are from (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John). 

TALKS: Each completed talk is available to view by clicking the links provided below or you may also visit our YouTube Channel at

COMPANION BOOK: The companion book for the “Jesus’ Early Ministry” series is “Desire of Ages” by Ellen G. White.  The book is available online free at:


“Give Me A Sign”  (#1 of 11)

Topic: Signs, Seeking a Blessing, Contagious Faith

Summary: This talk is about when Jesus healed a man's son because of his faith. Jesus also addresses the non-believers request for a sign. God want to bless those of faith. 

Study Guide: #153

Companion Reading: Desire of Ages (Chapter 20) “Except Ye See Signs and Wonders”


“Pipe Dreams & Miracles”  (#2 of 11)

Topic:  Healing, Faith, False Teachers

Summary: This talk is about when Jesus healed a lame man at the pool of Bethesda. Jesus also addresses the religious leaders for their oppressive teachings.

Study Guide: #154

Companion Reading: Desire of Ages (Chapter 21) “Bethesda and Sanhedrin”


“The Greatest”  (#3 of 11)

Topic: Faith in Persecution, Prophets

Summary: This talk is about the beheading of John the Baptist. Why did Jesus call John the greatest prophet?

Study Guide: #155

Companion Reading: Desire of Ages (Chapter 22) “Imprisonment & Death of John the Baptist”


“The Kingdom”  (#4 of 11)

Topic: Kingdom of Grace, Kingdom of Glory

Summary: This talk is about the Kingdom of God. Jesus taught a different type of kingdom than the Jews were expecting. He spoke of a Kingdom of Grace then one of Glory. 

Study Guide: #156

Companion Reading: Desire of Ages (Chapter 23) “The Kingdom of God is at Hand”


“From Where?”  (#5 of 11)

Topic:  Rejection, Truth, Origins

Summary: This talk is about when Jesus returned to his hometown of Nazareth and his own rejected him. Also discussed is relative truth in the postmodern world.

Study Guide: #157

Companion Reading: Desire of Ages (Chapter 24) “Is Not This the Carpenter's Son?”


“Fishers of Men”  (#6 of 11)

Topic: Following Jesus, Priorities, Jesus Provides

Summary: This talk is about Jesus calling four fisherman to be his disciples permanently and leave their professions, possessions and families behind to follow him. Jesus performs an incredible miracle.

Study Guide: #158

Companion Reading: Desire of Ages (Chapter 25) “The Call by the Sea”

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