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Jesus' Early Ministry


NT: JESUS' EARLY MINISTRY: This sub-series is a 10 part collection of talks by Dr. BJ Boles that are part of the overall “Light My Path 313” series.  This sub-series is entitled “Jesus’ Early Ministry” and is from the New Testament of the Bible.  The story covered is from “John the Baptist” to “The Women at the Well” and comes from the early part of the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John).

TALKS: Each completed talk is available to view by clicking the links provided below or you may also visit our YouTube Channel at

COMPANION BOOK: The companion book for the “Jesus’ Early Ministry” series is “Desire of Ages” by Ellen G. White.  The book is available online free at:


“The Voice”  (#1 of 10)

Topic: Prophets, Jesus Calling, Conversion

Summary: This talk looks John the Baptist. Explore from his miracle birth to his eccentric life and discover who this man was who Jesus called “the greatest prophet”. What was his mission and purpose? What did God call him to do?

Study Guide: #143

Companion Reading: Desire of Ages (Chapter 10) “The Voice in the Wilderness”

“THE One”  (#2 of 10)

Topic: Baptism, Giving Life to God

Summary: This talk Jesus’ baptism and the beginning of His ministry. Also explored is the topic of baptism. Is baptism necessary? Is how one is baptized important? 

Study Guide: #144

Companion Reading: Desire of Ages (Chapter 11) “The Baptism”

“Evil Encounter”  (#3 of 10)

Topic: Temptation, Overcoming Temptation

Summary: This talk is about Jesus encounter with Satan in the wilderness. Learn how to fight the devil and be victorious over temptation.

Study Guide: #145

Companion Reading: Desire of Ages (Chapter 12) “The Temptation”

“Beating the Devil”  (#4 of 10)

Topic: Victory over Sin, Fighting Satan

Summary: This talk is about how Jesus was victorious over Satan. What are some lessons we can learn to beat the Devil.

Study Guide: #146

Companion Reading: Desire of Ages (Chapter 13) “The Victory”

“The Inner Circle”  (#5 of 10)

Topic: Becoming a Disciple, Witnessing

Summary: This talk is about Jesus calling of his disciples. What does it take to be called by God? Learn some methods of witnessing from the disciples.

Study Guide: #147

Companion Reading: Desire of Ages (Chapter 14) “We Have Found the Messias”

“Mingling Miracle Maker”  (#6 of 10)

Topic: Miracles, Jesus Provides

Summary: This talk is about Jesus performing a miracle at a wedding feast by turning water into wine. 

Study Guide: #148

Companion Reading: Desire of Ages (Chapter 15) “At the Marriage Feast”

“Den of Thieves”  (#7 of 10)

Topic: Sacredness, Sacrilege, Worship, Hypocrisy

Summary: This talk is about Jesus chasing the money changers out of the temple in Jerusalem. This story is sometimes referred to as the “Cleansing of the Temple”. 

Study Guide: #149

Companion Reading: Desire of Ages (Chapter 16) “In His Temple”

“Born Loser”  (#8 of 10)

Topic: Being Born Again, Salvation

Summary: This talk is about Jesus encounter with a man named Nicodemus. In this conversation Jesus outlines what one must do to be saved. What does it mean to be born again? 

Study Guide: #150

Companion Reading: Desire of Ages (Chapter 17) “Nicodemus”

“Equation for Success”  (#9 of 10)

Topic: Putting Jesus First, Success, Leaving a Legacy

Summary: This talk is about a debate between John the Baptist’s disciples and those of Jesus. God’s definition of success is much different than the world’s. What will be your legacy? 

Study Guide: #151

Companion Reading: Desire of Ages (Chapter 18) “He Must Increase”

“Come and See”  (#10 of 10)

Topic: Encountering Jesus, Witnessing

Summary: This talk is about Jesus’ encounter with a Samaritan women. Sometimes this story is referred to as ‘The Woman at the Well.” Explore simple ways to share your faith.

Study Guide: #152

Companion Reading: Desire of Ages (Chapter 19) “At Jacob’s Well”

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