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SERIES: This sub-series is a 10 part collection of talks by Dr. BJ Boles that are part of the overall “Light My Path 313” series.  This sub-series is entitled “Genesis” and is from the Old Testament of the Bible.  The story covered is from the “Origin of Sin” to the “Tower of Babel” and comes from the book of Genesis.

TALKS: Each completed talk is available to view by clicking the links provided below or you may also visit our YouTube Channel at

COMPANION BOOK: The companion book for the “Genesis” series is “Patriarchs and Prophets” by Ellen G. White.  The book is available online free at:


“Prophetic Matrix”  (#1 of 10)

Topic: Sin; Choice, Free Will

Summary: This talk looks at the origin of evil? Where did sin come from? Why did God allow sin? What were some of the consequences for evil? What does choice and the free will have to do with humans? Why is sin on earth?

Study Guide: #001

Companion Reading: Patriarchs and Prophets (Chapter 1) “Why was Sin Permitted?”


“In the Beginning”  (#2 of 10)

Topic: Creation, Evolution, God as Creator

Summary: This talk looks at creation. How was the world formed? Where did mankind come from? Evolution versus Creation. 

Study Guide: #002

Companion Reading: Patriarchs and Prophets (Chapter 2) “The Creation”


“Paradise Lost”  (#3 of 10)

Topic: Test of Faith; Affects of Sin, God's Grace

Summary: This talk looks at earth's first two inhabitants, Adam and Eve and a test of loyalty to God in the Garden of Eden. How did sin enter the hearts of mankind? How would God react to "the fall" of mankind?

Study Guide: #003

Companion Reading: Patriarchs and Prophets (Chapter 3) “The Temptation and Fall”


“Rescue 911”  (#4 of 10)

Topic: Consequence of Sin; Plan of Salvation

Summary: This talk what God’s response was to sin. Would He abandon the fallen race? We explore the plan of salvation. 

Study Guide: #004

Companion Reading: Patriarchs and Prophets (Chapter 4) “The Plan of Redemption”


“Blood Brothers”  (#5 of 10)

Topic: Offerings to God, Murder, God's Love

Summary: This talk looks at Adam and Eves tow sons Cain and Abel. Why did God reject Cain’s sacrifice. What caused Cain to murder his brother? How did God respond?

Study Guide: #005

Companion Reading: Patriarchs and Prophets (Chapter 5) “Cain and Abel Tested”


“Take Two”  (#6 of 10)

Topic: Walking with God, God's People

Summary: This talk looks the genealogy of Adam. How did Enoch walk with God and what was the result? What were the distinctions in the two main lines of decedents from Adam. 

Study Guide: #006

Companion Reading: Patriarchs and Prophets (Chapter 6) “Seth and Enoch”


“Divine Deluge”  (#7 of 10)

Topic: Judgement, God Saves 

Summary: This talk looks the flood that destroyed the whole world. Why did God do it? What were the warnings given? What are the parallels to the last days?

Study Guide: #007

Companion Reading: Patriarchs and Prophets (Chapter 7) “The Flood”


“Colorful Promise”  (#8 of 10)

Topic: The Rainbow, Promises of God, Dependability of God

Summary: This talk looks at after the flood. How did God take care of man? What was the symbol of God’s promise? What are some of the great promises of God made to man?

Study Guide: #008

Companion Reading: Patriarchs and Prophets (Chapter 8) “After the Flood”


“Master Designer”  (#9 of 10)

Topic: Sabbath; Creator, Evolution

Summary: This talk looks a special gift given to mankind all the way back at creation. Why does the week exist? Compare God as Master Designer to theory of evolution. 

Study Guide: #009

Companion Reading: Patriarchs and Prophets (Chapter 9) “The Literal Week”


“Babylonian Origins”  (#10 of 10)

Topic: Rebellion, God's Judgement, Spiritual Babylon

Summary: This talk looks the story of the tower of Babel. Why did God stop its construction? Are their lessons for the last days? How are Babylon and Spiritual Babylon related? 

Study Guide: #010

Companion Reading: Patriarchs and Prophets (Chapter 10) “The Tower of Babel”

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